Since its founding Act Logistics has been a great supporter of the transport and logistics development in the Bulgarian industry.
Knowing the challenges of logistics in this sector, we have designed reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our employees understand the needs of the sector and offer regularity, price stability and shorter delivery times. The automotive sector has Act-logistcs’ special attention because its requirements motivate us to be more innovative, to keep improving our workflow and the deliveries to be right on time.

Transport and logistics:

We offer full logistics services. We handle the transportation of goods from international warehouses to factories directly or through our three platforms in Bulgaria. Our teams have the necessary skills and equipment to handle heavy and bulky goods. Being aware of the importance of deadlines we put a great deal of our resources to meet your requirements and provide the best service possible.

An experienced specialist is assign to track your product from start to finish and update you with everything regarding your shipment.

Study of your needs:

We study your needs and implement the solution.

We contemplate before committing ourselves. Every industry, every business requires its own standards and expectations. We study your needs, propose a transport plan and formalize our agreements by your specifications.

Complementary services:
  • Insurance: On the goods values
  • Express Transport
  • Logistic services
  • Customs
  • Distribution

Our strengths

  • A reliable and fast distribution network
  • A network of global partners with guaranteed departures and deadlines
  • A dedicated and experienced team
  • Mastery of the entire supply chain
  • Regularity and respect of commitments

Case study

For one of the largest automotive-parts supplier

We transport the raw materials of our client from different European countries and deliver them directly to the Bulgarian factory. In order not to interrupt production, a portion of the raw materials is stored in our warehouse. If necessary, the delivery to the factory can be carried out in less than an hour.

We load the ready-made parts and deliver them to car manufacturers through our groupage lines or with separate trucks. Twice a day we inform the customer how the truck is moving and whether it will be able to meet the delivery date.

In order to avoid the depletion of stockpiles for the car manufacturers during the winter, we created buffer stocks that are as close to their factories as possible. This makes it quick to react and deliver the necessary details with express vans in case of production delays or closed roads.

Industry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers favourable conditions for the industry’s development. The country is a crossroad between EU, Russia, CIS countries and countries in the Middle East making it an importan trading center. The contry itself is rich both in resources and professional work force. Thanks to the stable economy the developed transportation network is constantly improving.

As an industrial nation Bulgaria is devolted to heavy and light manufacting, making its industry the second lagest sector of the economy. The country produces around ten per cent of the world’s hydraulic machinery and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of zinc, copper and lead.

About 20% of Bulgaria’s workforce is concentrated in the Industry and around 14% of the industrial production is related to machine building. Bulgaria is the largest exporter of electricity in south-eastern Europe. Other important products for export are military hardware/munitions and machine tools.


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