The cosmetic sector is a vast field that requires special attention when it comes to transport and logistics. We offer solutions that meet the standards and quality norms which are mandatory for the sector. Regular trainings are organized for our employees who deal with the logistics of the sector. The solutions we provide can be personalized to suit your needs. We preserve the quality of service while trying to reduce delivery costs and delivery times.

Transport and logistics:

We organize the transport between factories/manufacturing facilities and the commercial sites. For this purpose we use vehicles adapted for this type of goods. Transport can be direct or through our logistics platforms (Sofia, Ruse or Varna). Deliveries to Bulgaria are made within 24 hours, and through the network of partners we also deliver supplies throughout Europe.

You can always get information regarding your shipment from our specialists.

Information System:

The system in use guide operations such as: labeling, packing, order preparation. The program is designed to simplify the collaborative work and to be adaptive to the sector’s standards. Tracking the expiration dates and batch numbers are other important features of the system.

Additional services:
  • Customs
  • Compliance
  • Order picking
  • Insurance on the values of the goods
  • TR: Tax representation for the payment and recovery of VAT in Bulgaria
  • Express Transport

Our strengths

  • Specific expertise: Medical and Cosmetic
  • Adapted means: Vehicles, warehouses, information system
  • Regular audit of our quality of service
  • Mastery of the entire logistics chain

Case study

For a world-renowned cosmetic brand

We organize the transport of the products from a factory in France to our warehouse in Sofia. Then conduct a check out of the products’ quantity and expiry dates. Entering the data in our information system and labeling all products in Bulgarian are the final steps of the process. We offer preparation of promotional packages.

Products are managed by expiration date and batch number.

When the client recieves an order it is automatically forwarded to our warehouse. Both our and our customer systems are linked in an electronic data interchange (EDI). Our team places the goods in carton boxes, places shipping labels and attaches loading lists and invoices on each box. Once the orders are prepared, we deliver them all over Bulgaria over the next business day.

Cosmetics industry in Bulgaria:

In 2003 Bulgaria standardized its legislation in the Cosmetic sector with the European one, which allowed the Bulgarian cosmetic industry to flourish. Since then Bulgarian manufacturers follow the European quality and safety standarts, allowing Bulgaria’s high quality cosmetic products to find their place among the foreign markets.

For years the most valued essential oils produced in Bulgaria are the rose and lavender oils. They play an important economic role for the country since Bulgaria is both the largest and second largest producer in the world of lavender and rose oils. The quality and aroma of the Bulgarian rose oil is famous throughout the world and it is one of the most desired products on the cosmetic markets.


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