Food Products

We expertise in food logistics, providing all manner of services required by the sector including: international transport, logistics services, Customs, order picking, labelling and distribution. Our warehouses are suited to store food products and have all the necessary sanitary permits. We implement customized solutions according to your needs taking into account the quality standards while reducing costs and delays.

Transport and logistics:

We provide a complete logistic service.
The transport of your goods is carried out with isothermal trucks and if necessary at controlled temperature. Our teams are experienced in different fields of food and drinks (coffee, chocolate, wine, biscuits, pasta …). Our expertise in the field and large network of partners allow us to offer you quality solutions, while reducing your costs and delivery times nationally and internationally.

Our eployees are always available to provide you with details about your shipment.


Our information system is efficient and thoroughly adapted to make your work easy and simple. Our teams of experts carry out your instructions using our information system and facilitate operations such as labeling, packaging, order picking, making promotional packages.
The system allows better inventory management which includes tracking of expiration dates, batch numbers etc.

Additional services:
  • Customs and excise
  • Compliance
  • Logistics services (labeling, packaging, inventory management)
  • Insurance: on the goods values
  • TR: Tax representation for the payment and recovery of VAT in Bulgaria
  • Express Transport

Our strengths

  • Specific know-how in Food domain
  • Adapted means: vehicles, warehouses, information system
  • Presence at major distributors
  • A mastery of the entire logistics chain
  • A tailor-made service

Case study

For a Bulgarian distributor of food products

We collect the goods of our client from several suppliers in Turkey, France, Lithuania and Italy. We transport them to our Sofia warehouse by carrying out all import customs operations in Bulgaria.

We carry out a control of the products (quantitative and dates of expirations) and sort them out on pallets by article (for faster order picking). We enter the data into our system and then store the pallets.

On customer’s request, we create heterogeneous pallets according to his specification.

We deliver pallets in its network of stores all over Bulgaria.

Food in Bulgaria

The favourable climate and the unique geographical position of Bulgaria allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and crops.Despite its topology the farming land of the country is roughly 50% of its territory.

Over the years the supply and demand for organic food and products has significantly increased. Thanks to the ecologically clean and fertile soils the farmland’s quality in Bulgaria is high enough that approximatly 90% of it is suitable for organic farming.

The ever growing demand for high quality food and beverages in western contries constantly boosts the demand for Bulgarian products. Bulgaria is one of the largest tomato exporters for Europe and it ranks among the top 20 largest wine exporters in the World.


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