New toll taxes in Bulgaria

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According to the decision of the Council of Ministers № 142 of 24.06.2022, there will be a change in the amount of toll taxes in Bulgaria (Official Journal no. 49/30.06.2022). As a result we need to make changes in the priceс of the services we provide from 01.07.2022 and from 01.01.2023 as follows:

Transport Services 01.07.2022 г. 01. 01. 2023 г.
Domestic transport (in Bulgaria) + 15% on the transport price + 15% on the transport price
From Central and Western European countries, including Germany and France to Sofia + 2% on the transport price + 2% on the transport price
From Balkan countries, including Turkey, Greece and Romania to Sofia + 8% on the transport price + 8% on the transport price


  • The toll tax is applied from its introduction in the transit country..
  • The official information provided by the transport administration in the respective country is used to determine the price of toll taxes.
  • The provided percentage changes are valid from/ to Sofia. When transporting to/ from other cities in the country, there may be changes of the price.

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Act Logistics team
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Sofia, 29.06.2022 г.

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