Fuel Taxes

Dear partners,

We are in an unprecedented situation.
The conflict in Ukraine is a catastrophe for the world and has a more significant impact on inflation:

  • The war between Ukraine and Russia is already affecting Europe’s economy.
  • The time is never good for war, but its outbreak has boosted fuel prices. Petrol reaches the price of $ 105 a barrel, and the cost of natural gas also rose significantly.
  • The energy situation is still under control, but the continuation of the war will boost inflation.
  • Meanwhile, business confidence remains strong. The removal of Covid-19 restrictions will be strong support for markets.
  • In the short term, the uncertainty is high. Where will the conflict evolve? What impact will it continue to have on the prices of energy? Where will inflation go? These are questions that we cannot answer today.


As a consequence of this and in order not to change the tariffs for domestic and international transport constantly, Act Logistics has developed a price list for indexation based on changes in fuel prices and tolls through the countries along the route of your shipments and in Bulgaria.

Act Logistics reserves the right to review the prices and to offer spot prices in the event of a sharp change in the market situation – lack of trucks, drivers, or fuel on the market

Price index if fuel prices increase:

  1. We will use the price of fuels from January 2022 as a basis on which we will add a fuel tax.
  2. The fuel charge for each shipment is determined based on the average price of diesel fuel when the order of transport is made.
  3. To determine the price of fuels, the source of information is: Prices of fuels in Bulgaria today: Fuelo.net – please follow the link: Цени на горивата в България днес :: Fuelo.net (https://m.fuelo.net/m/prices)

As a referent amount, we use the average price of DIESEL (Дизел) in Bulgaria on the relevant date.

Diesel fuel prices Fuel tax
From (BGN) Up to (BGN)
2.35 BGN 2.45 BGN 0.00%
2.46 BGN 2.58 BGN 4.23%
2.59 BGN 2.71 BGN 8.45%
2.72 BGN 2.85 BGN 12.68%
2.86 BGN 2.99 BGN 16.90%
3.00 BGN 3.14 BGN 21.13%
3.15 BGN 3.30 BGN 25.35%
3.31 BGN 3.47 BGN 29.58%
3.48 BGN 3.64 BGN 33.80%
3.65 BGN 3.82 BGN 38.03%
3.83 BGN 4.02 BGN 42.25%
4.03 BGN 4.22 BGN 46.48%
4.23 BGN 4.43 BGN 50.70%
4.44 BGN 4.65 BGN 54.93%
4.66 BGN 4.89 BGN 59.15%


Price index if toll prices increase:

  1. If there is an increase or introduction of a new fee, you will receive a letter describing the scope and specific values ​​that reflect the change.
  2. The toll tax is applied from its introduction in the transit country.
  3. The official information provided by the transport administration in the respective country is used to determine the price of toll taxes.
Volume Tax
Up to 1000 kg., 4 м3, 0.8 l. m. 21% of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.21 % от увеличението на таксите за преминаване за камион в полезно тегло 22 000 кг.
From 1000 kg., 4 m3, 0.8 l. m. Up to 3000 kg., 12 m3, 2.4 l. m. 29 % of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.
From 3000 kg., 12 m3, 2.4 l. m., up to 5000 кг., 20 m3, 4 л. м. 42 % of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.
From 5000 kg., 20 m3, 4л.м., до 10 000 кг., 40 m3, 8 л. м. 63 % of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.
From 10 000 kg., 40 m3, 8 л. м., 15 000 кг., 60 m3, 12 л. м. 71 % of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.
Over 15 000 кг., 60 m3, 12 л. м. 100% of the increase in taxes for a truck with a payload of 22,000 kg.
1         m3 = 250 kg., 1 LM = 1250 kg.


Fuel tax comes into force on March 1, 2022.
There are no changes in toll taxes now. That is why we will not apply additional taxes.
We take care of you and your business. We will continue to offer you individual and integrated solutions that meet your needs and expectations.
We remain available for questions, comments, and consultations.
You can count on our support and empathy, as always.

With respect,
Act Logistics team
Tel: 02/807 45 45
E-mail: Info@act-logistics.com
Sofia, 01.03.2022 г.
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